From a spiritual perspective, social distancing and wearing masks might be one of the best things to help society change from the course we’ve been on the past few years. 

Most people agree the world as we know it has changed and that we have to open to, and ready to create and allow the new. 

A lack of civility is the norm. We’ve become careless in our handling of each other. Seemingly gone are the days where people discussed differences of opinion. There was an open-mindedness and curiosity without feeling threatened by another’s point of view. Now, people argue as if their inability to convince you will lead to their execution. 

They often spout what they’ve heard others say, blindly taking in information and assimilating it as true without any research or reflection. If anyone should disagree with them, they get louder and even abusive. As a society, we seem to have lost the art of listening, and then weighing and considering what we hear and going on to form our own opinion.

What if social distancing and wearing masks – even temporarily – are part of what will heal the rifts in society?

Beyond health and safety, social distancing lets people be alone in their own energy. We all have an energetic field or bubble around us called an aura. When we are physically close to others our auras overlap and we share energetic vibrations.

We’ve all met people we like to be around. They are uplifting and we feel good about ourselves when we are around them. We say people have a good vibe. With social distancing there is little to no auric overlap and we are faced with our own energy – our own vibration.

The law of resonance says that when two different resonances come together, usually one of three things will happen: the higher resonance will lower to match the lower vibration; the lower one will raise to match the higher one; or they will both shift to meet somewhere in the middle.

When we are around others, we begin to share their vibratory rate. It can be a distraction that takes us away from seeing ourselves clearly. Unless we are aware and make a conscious effort to hold our own resonance, we will begin to share their resonance/vibratory rate. When we spend time alone, we have to face what is coming up from within. It is only by dealing with that inner terrain that the outer has a chance to change. Our inner resonance contributes to, and even generates the world around us.

I’m not saying we need to be alone all of the time, but when you are alone, notice how you feel and what may be surfacing for healing.We need to be responsible for our own resonance now more than ever and stop trying to get away from ourselves or rely on others to carry us energetically. With all of the changes we are being asked to meet in the world, it is important to know where our individual energy lies – to know what we are contributing and see where we might heal to be a more expanded contribution.

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