Inner Guidance – Part 1 of 3

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Inner Guidance – Part 1 of 3

Recently, I received an email from someone telling me that their inner guidance said that I was to be included in financially supporting them on their next project. They stopped working and sent out the email to a small group of people detailing their money needs for the next two months.

As I had helped this individual on a previous occasion, I declined to assist them now. It’s not that I don’t help people; I have, in many ways. Their response to my decision was, to paraphrase it, that I had been made a trust officer by whatever inner guidance they followed – an implication that I didn’t have a choice.

In my opinion, this is not inner guidance; this is ego – or more accurately negative ego. Inner guidance can be a beautiful, powerful tool for Spiritual Growth. Inner guidance is for you; it does not coerce, manipulate or condone blackmailing or pressuring others into specific actions or acquiescence.

What I’m talking about is different from those who do “readings” for others – receiving information on specific issues. In these instances, one person seeks this information out from the other. The important point being “sought out.” The individual seeks this information, then upon receiving it, decides if it is accurate and worth taking action on.

When a person shows up uninvited saying you’ve been selected, chosen or that you don’t have a choice in the matter it is manipulation, a spiritual form of the Nigeria scam.

Following inner guidance and intuition is not new. It has been around even before the new age. Inner guidance, when accurate, can be a source of inspiration, understanding and answers.

When I first learned about working with inner guidance – higher aspects of myself – our teacher cautioned us to be aware that our negative ego could interfere.

Negative ego seeks to trip you up, to insert itself into your decisions about yourself and others. It reveals itself in the use of terms suggesting specialness – superiority to others, or conversely being “less than,” the worst there is. It can lead a person thinking they are special and spiritually above others.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love “being chosen.” And money will help because I’ve given up my job to pursue my spiritual studies full time, and you are still working! Sorry, no thanks for your “honor.”

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