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The Knot of Being Against — 5 Comments

  1. It’s about being for something, not fighting against. Back a good number of years, in our very “liberal,” university town, To step forward as “superliberal,” a group called themselves the Committee against racism. And of course, invited my husband (of color) as an honorary member. They little knew that he had made a personal life of challenging and bringing down boundaries by his own efforts, and by just being himself. He didn’t fight. He was just himself, expressing himself, and that was enough.
    So, the Committee began their discussion with how they might fight racism, locally and nationally. Jim just suggested that they change the norms by walking their talk. Not fighting anything, but making change in a positive way. Fighting leads to war, and that accomplishes only more war.
    He was not invited back to the Committee.
    Just affirming what you have written, but relating in a positive way, in a personal example.

    • Thanks for clarifying, Rachel.

      Yes, I agree. Pushing against something only strengthens it. I’m speaking metaphysically. I wrote this originally in response to a group on the island which had “rising” in their title – meaning “rising up to fight against,” and some other organizations on other islands. They were protesting against the GMO and pesticide industry. (Which is big here and does need to be addressed.) Every time they held a “march against” these companies, the government gave those industries more power and latitude.

      I sent the article out to some of the group leaders and was met with, “That’s airy-fairy thinking.” Some of it must have sunk in because now they protest and march to bring awareness to the issue so people can be educated.