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Let Me Bend Your Ear — 2 Comments

  1. Yes.
    And it is moving into all of the arenas into which I venture. I left my job five years ago because of extreme bullying. Yes, I did allow it for far longer than healthy for me. My reason: I went to this job many years ago, because it was in a sense, my “calling.” Taking people out of a state institution and helping them to find joy in a new world and life. People who had no agendas except to be free and happy. The nicest, sweetest people I think I will ever know.

    Why the bullying? Well, it was an agency whose name was partially “protection and advocacy for persons with disabilities.” When my progressive hearing loss reached the need for hearing aids, I was anathema. I was assaulted in so many verbal and psychological ways, directly attacking my hearing loss. Protection and advocacy” no way. The mission of the agency was lost and it was becoming a rude agency, which no longer allowed us to serve the needs of the people we were supposed to serve. The outcome five years later? The Universe is bringing the hypocrisy to their knees. It is losing funding from state and federal sources and increasingly unable to pretend that they are meeting their mission statement. I do see it as “God gotcha.” Wait long enough an it looks as if hypocrisy goes down, although it may take awhile. Yep, put it on the back burner, and at some point the back burner gets very hot!

    You have had had access to some very wise people, added to your own innate wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m sorry to hear about the bullying on your job, Rachel.

      It sounds like wonderful work you were doing, and very needed in society; and you helped many people. It’s sad when an agency loses its purpose and focus. The people it is supposed to serve and those who champion them are the ones who really suffer. It is justice to hear they are being called out on their hypocrisy. Hopefully, they can set things right and get back to serving those who need them.

      Thanks for your sharing 🙂