The New Status

I moved to California from Hawaii a couple of years ago. mostly due to the need for medical care that wasn’t available in Hawaii. The pace of life in California was faster than what I was used to living in Hawaii.

In the past couple of years the pace of things in California has become decidedly faster than two years ago. One’s status used to be defined by how big your house was, how fancy your car was. It depended on how pricey things were. Now, the new status seems to be around how rushed you are. I see it everywhere, people rushing through the grocery store, dashing from one appointment to the next, in a hurry to pickup their kids, to take the dog to the groomers, to get back home so the nanny can Ruch off to her various activities. People are driving unnecessarily fast, driving through red lights and stop signs. If you’re not in the same amount of rush as they are, you’ll hear bout it in the sounds of their car horns, that sound close to road rage. People need to slow down and learn to enjoy the air, the trees, flowers and sun. when you are rushing about, you’ll miss the fulfillment of the here and now moment. Try taking a few breaths before hitting that accelerator.

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