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That’s Just Story – Part 2 of 2 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Nicole, Re: Story
    Cave drawings are stories. They are precious tales of prehistorical events.
    Our major religions are all based on a story. The Jesus story, the Mohammad story, the Confucious story, Buddah’s story.
    Even the Big Bang theory is a story (and a successful TV series.)
    Archeology is in a real sense the search for stories.
    “Tell me a story” is a bedtime request of many children.
    How empty life would be without the ability and willingness to exchange stories.

    • Hi Bev;

      Thank you for adding your wonderful wisdom and expanding on the topic. Yes, cave paintings, and religions…. Now, you’ve got me looking for stories in new places. I love your reference to archeology and the search for stories. It is not enough to know that people existed in a past culture, we want to know what they did, what happened in their lives. Yes, I agree, life would be empty without stories.