That’s Just Story – Part 2 of 2

Just Story 2

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That’s Just Story
Part 2 of 2

We humans are complex beings. In this day and age there is so much information available that much of it is reduced to a “sound bites” as a quick way to get an overview. But, trying to live through sound bites doesn’t work. We need to honor ourselves and our complexity.

I suspect the use of “no story” had its origins in being a way for people to release memories; part of a process of working through emotions and patterns that was freeing when used in the right way and the right timing.

Most of us know of, or have known someone stuck in an issue. They have been repeating their story for a long time, with no seeming end in sight.

There are many reasons a person can be caught in their “story.” They may not know how to move past it or haven’t found the right technique to help them let go. They might be afraid – have their identity wrapped up in the events and need to find a new way to see themselves in order to be free. In the right timing they can be helped by seeing their issue as a story – after they’ve done the inner work and come to a more balanced place.

Sometimes a person doesn’t want to or isn’t ready to change. With those people I do my best to be kind and encourage them to reach for freedom in their own timing.

It’s one thing to come to a place of freedom through inner releasing, where you can say to yourself, “Wow, that whole thing was just a story I was telling myself.” That’s coming from a place of self-reflection after deep work.

It is another to use “That’s just story,” out of context in a casual situation. Even when someone has asked for help with their process it is wise to use it judiciously.

In a way, all of life is a story. Even advertisers know this. In the space of a television commercial we are shown someone who has a problem and is seeking a solution. Even if the problem is only hinted at, whatever they are selling is promoted as the perfect answer.

As a society we often pass on our values to other generations through stories. It could be children’s books, popular holiday rhymes or tales from our own past. That’s not to say that what is being passed on doesn’t bear examination.

Story sparks imagination – it is more alive than a list of rules. When a person hears a story they are engaged, they visualize the description and their senses come alive in imagination. This way of conveying information leaves a lasting impression in memory.

When we sit down for coffee or tea with someone, we talk about our lives and what is going on with us and those we love. Sometimes there are challenges, sometimes successes. We share and listen to each other.

And listening is more than just hearing the other. Listening, in and of itself, can be a force for healing. I will be I will be posting a blog dedicated to this topic soon.

I stopped hanging out with people who cut me off with “That’s just story,” line. I deserve better than that. We all do.


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4 Responses to That’s Just Story – Part 2 of 2

  1. Vima Lamura says:

    insightful and compassionate…as you are.

  2. Beverly Doran says:

    Hi Nicole, Re: Story
    Cave drawings are stories. They are precious tales of prehistorical events.
    Our major religions are all based on a story. The Jesus story, the Mohammad story, the Confucious story, Buddah’s story.
    Even the Big Bang theory is a story (and a successful TV series.)
    Archeology is in a real sense the search for stories.
    “Tell me a story” is a bedtime request of many children.
    How empty life would be without the ability and willingness to exchange stories.

    • Hi Bev;

      Thank you for adding your wonderful wisdom and expanding on the topic. Yes, cave paintings, and religions…. Now, you’ve got me looking for stories in new places. I love your reference to archeology and the search for stories. It is not enough to know that people existed in a past culture, we want to know what they did, what happened in their lives. Yes, I agree, life would be empty without stories.

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