Inner Guidance – Part 3 of 3

Inner Guidance 3


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Inner Guidance – Part 3 of 3

When you have a success and you notice your mind going to, “this makes me better/more spiritual/more deserving than everyone else,” that is the voice of negative ego. Stop, and reach for something deeper inside yourself. Say no to that urging to fall into “better than,” and find the place that says, “Yes, I’ve achieved this and if it weren’t for the others I may not have pushed myself to be the best I can be.” Negative ego is not the voice of inner guidance.

Equality, (which is not sameness) and uniqueness are foreign to the negative ego. Its survival is based on being special and above others. Negative ego interprets what happens and makes a judgment about it.

Without negative ego you might still experience jealousy or other constricting emotions, but you recognize them as your own issues. If they are yours, you can do something about them – clear and release them.

In following your inner guidance you need to develop discernment, trust and an ear for when it is true guidance, negative ego or some other part of you such as your inner child, or inner critic. With discernment, you can tell what is true inner guidance. It wouldn’t tell you things that jeopardize your survival, and it isn’t a “do as your told and don’t questions” kind of thing. You can ask for more clarity before taking action.

Above all, your inner guidance is for your benefit. Everyone has the ability to develop a relationship with his or her inner Spirit, Soul, Higher Power or Higher Self. Your inner guidance doesn’t tell you what everyone else should be doing, it tells you what and where you need to focus and the actions that are for your highest good.

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  1. Vima Lamura says:

    Clear, precise and wise.

  2. Rachel says:

    You are a wise woman. I am checking out Lazaris. There is so much!!

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