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New Age Bad Behavior — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Nicole!
    Thanks for another thoughtful subject. It hits hard on my experience, not just in those kind of physical “attacks,” but more for me, in psychological ones.

    I am still learning to keep myself at a distance in sharing in a group. My most recent one was in a group experience in the place we have both called our spiritual home for a time. Individuals in the group had a subject/question to raise for insights. I should have known better. I was blasted by two people who informed me that I knew all the answers to that, and was attention seeking.

    Friends, no. Acquaintances for a time, but knowing when to pull back and pull up a boundary. Being referred to as a “best friend” always leads to disharmony!

    You’re right: discernment is the key, and most of the time I practice that. Out here in the world in which I live, it has always been a challenge to hold my spiritual side safe from “the other side.” Always has been but I am getting better. Long ago, I discovered that the most dangerous people are/were the “spiritual” ones.

    I’m glad that your world seems safer, as you said, when you stay alert and choose your friends carefully.

    Love to you.

    • Thanks for your comments, Rachel!

      For a long time I thought spiritual groups and people o=in the “new age” were more kind, compassionate and loving. It seemed spiritual people were working on their “stuff” and I always gave them the benefit of the doubt if they came across as harsh. But now, I see so mush more. Maybe it’s due to my having grown, or maybe newer kinds of people are bing drawn to the new age. I’ve encountered fewer people who have, or are willing to work on themselves, and less tolerance of others over the past few years. Some of these individuals are promoting themselves as the latest, greatest spiritual teacher – which feels like ego need to me.

      A red flag for me is when I’ve newly met someone and they go off describing me as their best friend to others. Over the years, I’ve learned that friendship can start in a moment, but needs to evolve and stand the test of time. Best friends know it, they don’t need to keep saying it.

      Discernment was a tough one for me to learn, and I’m still growing in it.

      Love and Hugs, Back.