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Nicole Lawrence is an eclectic soul who has followed her heart to experience careers featuring horses, visionary painting, fine art, event promotion, and exploration of many spiritual modalities. Metaphysics, the New Age, alternative health and healing trends have fascinated her for years.

Nicole shares her message with us in her new book”Doors To Transformation – My Mother MySelf” For better or worse, childhood experiences affect how individuals view themselves and their place in the world for the rest of their lives. Author Nicole Lawrence understands this as well as anyone, having survived a challenging childhood in a broken home and a dysfunctional relationship with her mother to find her own path through life.

Everyone has stories to tell about their mother. Good, bad or indifferent, our relationship with our mother plays a role in the individual we become as an adult. Coming to peace with that reality sets you on the path to healing the emotional scars that linger in your subconscious mind to this day.

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