I don’t know anyone who really likes to wear a mask. They have become a contentious issue and jumping off point for various political statements. Like social distancing, masks may serve a more spiritual purpose than health and limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

It was bound to happen – people refusing to wear masks and using all sorts of reasons and even fake documentation to support their position. I’m not talking about those who have a legitimate health reason – physical and psychological – to not wear a mask. I’m talking about the people who feel personally affronted by wearing a mask. 

It seems many of these people are the ones who like to talk the most. Even pre-pandemic, they’d be the talkers at parties. If anyone tried to interject, they’d talk louder and faster trying not to let anyone else have a say.  

They argue that wearing a mask robs them of oxygen. I think they are unhappy because they have to stop and think about what they are going to say, what to use their oxygen on. They can’t just blurt anymore. They have to decide if what they want to say is worth the expenditure of that oxygen.

It is said, “The eyes are the windows to the Soul.” One thing I’ve noticed is that, wearing a mask, people see each other’s eyes first. What if we are being given the opportunity to meet each other on the Soul level before words are spoken? 

Much of the verbal diatribe in the past few years has created divisiveness. What if wearing masks is one of the ways to begin healing this division?  What would happen if we all stopped to meet on the soul level before words are ever spoken? 

In our time alone we can meet what’s out of balance in our vibration and heal it. While out, we can meet others on a Soul level before talking and consider what words we are going to share, to help them and all of us fare well.

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