Our Conversation

Our Conversation

We are in the most exciting conversation of our lifetime. Women and men are talking about a new level of respect for women, what this could mean and what it might look like.

Beyond the hate bashing there are genuine deep discussions occurring. These conversations aren’t found in the headlines or screaming memes and political cartoons. They are voiced in quiet talks in line at the grocery store, or the discussions in coffee shops and also in the comment sections in online articles and posts.

Some, don’t want to entertain these possible changes. They feel we are bucking the status quo, that women’s roles are defined and should be left that way. Others, like myself, hold that centuries of inequality of women is up for change. Never before has the discussion been so open and vital.

 It’s been contentious and exhausting. There have been unkind words said on both sides. In among these thorns, petals can be found. Even when people are on opposite sides of an issue, I’ve seen a reaching out with love, in spite of their differences. 

I, for one, am part of the hopeful contingent for change. Some of our sisters and brothers don’t want to make the journey with us, and that is fine. We wish them well, but we must go on. It is in our blood, our Souls – a call to journey to the light of the new on the horizon. 

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