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I Did, I Did, I Did — 2 Comments

  1. You are hitting so many realities. And bringing up in me things that have become realities in my life. But I think my successful dealing with them!

    “How are you?” Me: “You wouldn’t believe what is happening, dah, dah, dah…” And they leave, never to ask me again. It is sad though, that we have reached the point where civilities are disappearing. Today I saw someone who had been a good friend for two years, not long ago. Now I realize that I stepped over a boundary because I believed in our friendship. As a result, she meets with “I miss you so much.” I replied, “I miss you too. Can we meet to catch up?” “Oh, I am just so busy now. Maybe during the holidays. (whatever those might be) So there goes another one!!

    • Disappearing civilities…. Yes, and more.

      You’ve touched on something I’ll blog about more in the future, something I heard Lazaris make reference to in the future, and that is honoring. Honoring humanity, honoring each other and ourselves. I realized that is the theme running through my recent blogs. Life has gotten overwhelmed with information delivered at speed due to technology, social media where communication is limited to a few words, and generally people not wanting to take the time to Be with another. It appears to be happening throughout society – quick, fast connections then moving on. It is becoming the norm, and I think remedies for this need to be found.

      Thank you for your comments, Rachel.