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That’s Just Story – In Addition

I recently completed an online workshop offered by Lazaris on the topic of innovation.  It was rich with information and material to work with and follow up on. One thing they said, that stood out to me was that all true creativity was an attempt to tell a story. I thought about it, began reviewing in my mind great paintings and sculptures and I realized that this is true.

Even with my own art I was trying to capture the essence of a place (if a landscape), or the feel of something (if a still life), and communicate that, share what it meant to me.

Poetry is the same way, trying to share something from its creator to the hearts of those who read or hear it. And of course novels are stories meant to entertain us. When you think about it, it is really something that we can read the black marks on a page or screen that form words and sentences. These words and sentences have meaning to us, many forming imagery in our minds that capture our attention and stir our emotions. All from little black marks on a page or screen.

Yes, story is a big part of our lives and I, for one, hope it will remain so.

(If you would like to know more about the Lazaris material, you can click here.)

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