End of the Year –

Well, I spent most of the day working on the renovation to the unit behind my garage. I’m turning it into an office type space. It feel so good to finally get the place cleaned up. I don’t think it’s seen a coat of paint since it was built nearly 20 years ago. One of the door frames hadn’t even been painted or primed, it was just left as bare wood – and only the top of it, the sides were primed. Today I got all the “smelly” stuff finished – the painting’s done and now the cabinets are varnished. The rugs are unrolled and it all can air out for the next few days. A couple of small things like a towel bar and bathroom mirror to hang and I can start putting in the desk and other furniture. So rewarding to see something to completion!

And now, I’ve just learned how to pair my iPad with a wireless keyboard, and am writing this post from my iPad. How does it get any better?

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